Anglesea Street Office

The office building forms part of a mixed-use urban renewal development which includes a commercial / residential building. The design had to address the general character of the area, and consider the two 18th-century listed houses which form the corner with Copley Street.


Cork City Centre Better Building Awards
Cork City Centre Better Building Awards

Howard Holding Plc

Cork, Ireland

In Use

4,000 sq.m


The resulting building of five storeys over part-basement, with was the minimum required for commercial viability. Parapet height to Anglesea Street is expressed at third-floor level, with the two upper floors set back to form a 2m wide terrace.

The façade to Anglesea Street has structural glazing at street level, with a curtain wall above. A honed granite plinth anchors the building and integrates the entrance steps to the elevated ground floor. The curtain wall to the first and second floors has double glazing in slimline bi-modular framing, with spandrel panels incorporating fine-blade louvres and terracotta rain-screen panels. Alternate modules are articulated vertically to reduce overall scale.