SKY Burlington Plaza Fit-Out

SKY Burlington Plaza Fit-Out

STW have been working with SKY since they first moved to Ireland in 2012. Every few years we are brought back to assist with the ever evolving changes to their work environment. This time the changes were driven by the effects of Covid. 



3,000+ m²

Dublin, Ireland

In Use


Client  SKY UK Ltd

Location  Dublin, Ireland

Status  In Use

Area  3,000+ m²

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Interior Design

Following Covid restrictions and the slow return to the ‘new normal’, SKY were keen to encourage people to return to the work place. In order to achieve this, utilisation studies and surveys were carried out to determine staff needs and wishes. The results highlighted the need for more personal quiet spaces and the provision of bigger and better team spaces where group meetings could take place within the open plan environment. Meeting rooms were retained, however improved IT facilities enabled more flexible utilisation. Social space was considered important in terms of maintaining staff moral and an enhanced staff restaurant was provided. The improvements provide for a more flexible approach to office-working in a safe, attractive, easily adaptable and productive environment.

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