Brewery Quarter - Masterplan

In the urban history of cities and their rivers, u shaped meanders always attracted core civic development. The placement of a new civic building, in the form of an arena, addressing the 90 degree River Lee meander, is a natural step within the Brewery Quarter masterplan.


BAM Developments

Cork, Ireland

Developed Design


Client  BAM Developments

Location  Cork, Ireland

Status  Developed Design

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Urban Design & Planning

The masterplan calls for a phased development of the 2.3 hectare site as a new cultural quarter. At the heart of the masterplan is the new counting House Square, with the retained historic fa├žade as its centrepiece. Two new laneways, setout on historic routes lead through the site to the north and south of the retained historic fabric of the brewery buildings, leading to two pedestrian bridges that ensure permeability through the site and deliver pedestrian footfall along new retail streets.

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