Old Head Golf Links Clubhouse

Old Head Golf Links Clubhouse

The Old Head of Kinsale headland has for years been regarded as a superb golf destination drawing focus on tourism in West Cork and Ireland in general. The landscape of the peninsula has been modified to accommodate the golf course in a setting of great natural and cultural importance. The Clubhouse and 5 Star Hotel Standard Accommodation refurbishment and extension, along with expansion of the accommodation to two other locations, comprise the Old Head Golf Links Masterplan, which STW are currently overseeing.


Old Head Golf Links


Client  Old Head Golf Links

Location  Co. Cork, Ireland

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The Clubhouse and 5 Star Accommodation

The current two-storey building features the upstairs reception, bar and dining area as well as the Member’s Club and the adjoining locker rooms and steward’s quarters. The upper level opens to an outdoor terrace overlooking the lighthouse to the south; the 5-star hotel grade guestrooms with their private terraces enjoy the same southerly views and are formed under the terrace. Scott Tallon Walker are currently overseeing a complete refurbishment of the current guestrooms to meet a luxury hotel standard.

The upstairs restaurant extends onto the terrace by creating a glass prism pavilion. The form of the newly proposed Clubhouse is contemporary and larger scale with all the newly added annexes clad in cut stone and large panes to contrast with the more rustic detail of the former building. Various elements in the design evoke the vernacular, local and traditional, namely the interior design with its use of Connemara marble, Irish linen and Donegal tweed. Several pieces by local artists such as Joseph Walsh have been commissioned for the Clubhouse as well.

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