Old Head Golf Links Farmstead

Old Head Golf Links Farmstead

The Farm site project, which forms part of the Old Head Golf Links masterplan, will host four luxury holiday homes on what was historically a farmstead.


Old Head Golf Links

Co. Cork, Ireland


Client  Old Head Golf Links

Location  Co. Cork, Ireland

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Architecture & Conservation

The project consists of four large serviced cottages and a two-storey multifunctional space that enclose a communal courtyard. All but the framed rectangular central space of the new development is left untouched by the landscape; the architecture is formed by a natural slope that determines the relationship of the buildings with one another. 

The buildings resemble a farmstead in scale, typology and use of material; the four-bedroom houses with their slate covered pitched roofs and the barn-like larger scale building with its metal clad barrel roof. The cottages have large en-suite bedrooms, high ceilings in an open space living room and dining that extends to a burrowed fire-pit deck.

Old Head Golf Links Farmstead

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