Wyeth Pharmaceutical required a warehouse and distribution centre for the Irish Market. The warehouse, built to GMP standards, stocks drugs and pharmaceutical products and the associated office is the management centre for Wyeth’s local distribution centre.




The building is built to a low cost using a steel portal frame structure clad in aluminium sheeting which is double skinned and insulated.

The Offices are constructed with a steel frame and concrete floors clad in bimodular insulated aluminium panelling. They are air conditioned and are connected to the warehouse by a link building where the staff restaurant is located opening onto an internal garden area.


A primary requirement of the brief was for an energy efficient, sustainable and cost effective facility. The building incorporates a range of energy efficiency systems including exposed thermal mass, heat pumps for heating and cooling, mixed mode ventilation (displacement, stack and natural) and night time cooling. Discrete integration of building services was fundamental to the project as no suspended ceilings are provided.

A 1MV groundwater heat serves both heating and cooling needs. In heating mode, it uses solar heated groundwater and heat recovered from computer servers. In cooling mode, the ground sink provides free cooling for water cooled chillers.

Post occupancy data recorded energy consumption of 137.4 kWh/m2/year - 46% less than the average university building and even more impressive given the energy intensive uses within this building.


John Wyeth & Brother Ltd

2,889 m²

Dublin, Ireland

In Use


Client  John Wyeth & Brother Ltd

Location  Dublin, Ireland

Status  In Use

Area  2,889 m²

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