UCD Conway Institute

With over 30,000 students from over 120 countries, the National University of Ireland, Dublin, is Ireland’s largest and most diverse university. The Conway Institute at the National University of Ireland, Dublin, is an interdisciplinary research centre bringing together over 550 researchers and clinicians studying the molecular pathogenic mechanisms that underlie major chronic diseases including diabetes, vascular diseases, cancer and neurodegeneration. Conceived as an extension to a biotechnology building previously designed by the practice, the Institute now extends to 11,500 sq.m in a layout which resolves the conflicting access and security requirements of co-located undergraduate teaching and advanced biomedical research.


Three floors of flexible, open plan, naturally lit and column-free research laboratories provide an excellent working environment, supported by a heavily serviced inner core. Shared write-up, meeting and social spaces at the fulcrum of the building encourage interdisciplinary interaction. Further seminar and teaching spaces are located at basement level.

The innovative design is a synthesis of advanced architectural and scientific thinking which maximises interaction between research groups and promotes the interdisciplinary mission of the Institute. Innovative service strategies harness natural ventilation where possible and provide both central and localised air-handling as appropriate to the specific requirements of Category II containment laboratories.

Specialist biomedical facilities include dedicated research technology laboratories for high-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, protein crystallography, and an SPF (specific pathogen free) Barrier Facility.

Real engagement with and understanding of users scientific needs has created a premier research environment and a European benchmark in bio-science laboratory design.



12,697 m²

In Use


Client  UCD

Location  Dublin 4, Ireland

Status  In Use

Area  12,697 m²

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