Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

In 1859, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland purchased the former premises of the Kildare Street Club, but unfortunately the property burned down prior to the college taking occupancy, resulting in their commissioning William Murray to design their new building on the site. In 1864, the RCPI moved into its current purpose built building, at 6 Kildare Street. The building was constructed in three phases, over a period of twenty years, with the main entrance and reception halls being completed in 1863, followed by the Council Rooms and then the College Hall. The building is almost a true replica of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The care of the building has been entrusted to many architects over the years, with our having been involved in its conservation since 1977.

Our proposal combines good urban design practice by creating space that is sized in relation to mass, form and activity to give people an appropriate sense of enclosure and belonging. The concept is applied both internally and externally, with the creation of a variety of spaces, from an active curved enclosed concourse street, to quiet, courtyard and garden spaces to provide for everyone’s needs – for children and parents, staff and visitors.

We have created a design which is not in any way institutional, it is a place for people of all ages, in which they feel naturally comfortable and at ease. This includes giving people a direct connection with light, air and nature – both visually and sensory.

Our interior design strategy was based on exploiting the use of Light and Air and by maximising contact with Nature.

Appropriate detailing, selective colour and integration of art and media are also key to our age-adaptive approach to interiors, where imagery and positioning are active elements in reducing anxiety and making less-threatening space which contributes to a more effective healing environment.


The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

2,300 m²

Dublin, Ireland

In Use


Client  The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Location  Dublin, Ireland

Status  In Use

Area  2,300 m²

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