Mayor House IFSC

Mayor House was the first completed building in the newly extended IFSC in Dublin. The design has provided a highly efficient building in terms of its function and ability to attract investors and tenants.


The building provides a flexible, adaptable office layout, which caters for both single or multi-tenancy lettings (with two corner entrances provided). The gross floor area of the building is 9,316 m².

The principal fully glazed elevations to Commons Street, Mayor Street and the residential zone are punctuated with a natural granite-clad element, with individual windows at first, second and third-floor levels, and a recessed zone at the ground-floor. This massing articulates the fully glazed corners and the entrances. The fifth floor has been recessed to provide a landscaped terrace all around.


Custom House Docks Development

9,316 m²

In Use


Client  Custom House Docks Development

Location  Dublin 1, Ireland

Status  In Use

Area  9,316 m²

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