People / Paul Barry

MSc BIM & Management (Hons) | B.Arch | MSc Hons | RIAI Conservation Accreditation Grade III | MRIAI

Paul is an Associate with STW and manages the design of large-scale commercial projects, and the master planning and design of residential and hotel developments.
An interest in sustainable architecture has been a constant in his projects. A signature of his approach is the design of education and commercial buildings which avoid the need for power-hungry mechanical air-conditioning, favouring assisted natural ventilation. Paul gets 'top-up' inspiration for his work from time to time by visiting and experiencing excellent examples of architecture – famous buildings such as the Villa Savoye, the Baths at Vals, or just very well executed local projects. He is motivated by the constant strive for excellence at every scale at the practice. Visits to recently completed projects by the practice and the various townhall talks that we hold help maintain this. When making a decision, Paul believes the first question should be 'what is the best way of doing this'? He believes in listening carefully to the client to try and give them what they want – and more.

Recent Projects