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Scott Tallon Walker have been retained by the International Contracting Company ABV Rock Group to work with them on the delivery of a 10,000m2 Nanotechnology Research Building at the Riyadh Techno Valley (RTV) Development, which is part of the overall King Saud University Campus in Riyadh.

Scott Tallon Walker are designing the laboratories and adapting the existing concept design to work as a nanotechnology research facility with integrated structure servicing and research concepts accommodated in a highly futuristic circular building plan form.
The building, which has commenced on site, will be completed in 2013 and will be known as the KAIN Building (King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology).
Picture Caption: Dr Zeid A. Alothman Deputy Dean of the King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology pictured signing off the Laboratory Layouts for KAIN with Peter Dudley and Charles Julienne of Scott Tallon Walker.

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Scott Tallon Walker were retained to re-design a 10,000m2 Nanotechnology research Institute, known as the King Abdullah Institute for Nano-technology (KAIN) at the Riyadh Techno-Valley (RTV), which is part of King Saud University in Saudi-Arabia.

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