Scott Tallon Walker

Clarion Hotel, International Financial Services Centre



1998 - 2001
Customs House Quay, Dublin 1

The Hotel Partnership
9500 sq.m

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Along with designing the building our commission included the interior design aswell as much of the bespoke furniture and fittings, and commissioned art work.This resulted in a cohesive entity, with the clean elegant lines of the exterior flowing into the various environments within the hotel.  


The character and mood of the cafĂ© bar and restaurant were created through the skilful use of colour, texture and furnishings. Bedrooms, hallways, fixtures and fittings, were all designed with careful attention to detail.  


Since the hotel opened its doors, it has successfully slotted itself into the Dublin city market, not only by achieving occupation levels well in excess of expectations, but with its other facilities - the Kudos Bar, Sinergie Restaurant, the various conference suites and The Sano Vitae Leisure Centre- all operating successfully within their own markets.