Scott Tallon Walker

The Royal College of the Physicians of Ireland



2003 - 2004
6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

The President, The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
2300 sq.m

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Scott Tallon Walker has been looking after this building of National Importance for over 30 years. Works include the insertion of a lecture theatre, rationalising spaces as well as ongoing maintenance and conservation. 


In 2002, the RCPI decided to relocate their administration staff, so allowing their building, which they had built in 1846, to be used solely for their formal and ceremonial events. Works included the provision of access for all, upgrading facilities, inserting air-conditioning to the halls and lecture theatres as well as general conservation and maintenance works. 


The works were presented to the city conservation officer and to local conservation groups, both of which supported the intervention and conservation works. The building reopened in December 2005.