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4-5 Harcourt Road



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2014 -
Harcourt Road, Dublin 2

Green Property REIT
4700 sq.m

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The site is located in the middle of a cluster of office and commercial buildings forming a distinct commercial core within the centre of Dublin 2.

The proposal is to demolish the existing building and replace it with a new commercial office building of high quality architectural design that will deliver Grade A and sustainable commercial offices with a strong identity and presence on Harcourt Road that will enhance the public realm.  

The proposed 7 storey building reinforces the established building line on Harcourt Road and commercial cluster, while creating a building with a strong identity that will form a landmark on the street.

The public realm on Harcourt Road is enhanced by raising the first floor to a height of 6.15M, setting back the entrance to create a generous 5.35M high covered external space.  

The 6 storey over ground floor office building is slim, elegant and highly glazed. The principle materials are natural anodized aluminium and glass.

The slender proportions are accentuated by the vertical fins which will catch the early morning and late evening light and add crispness and sparkle to the elevation. The predominantly northern orientation of the building to the street means the transparency of the glazed elevation can be exploited to the full.

The building is designed with excellent sustainable credentials to LEED Core & Shell standards.