Scott Tallon Walker

Proton Beam Therapy Centre - University College London Hospital


In keeping with their status as a world class centre of excellence and as part of their mission to improve cancer care and clinical outcomes, University College London Hospitals (UCLH) has secured treasury funding to erect the UK’s first Proton Beam Therapy Centre.

Proton Beam Therapy is the world’s most advanced form of radiotherapy, which uses a precision high-energy beam of particles to destroy cancer cells.

STW, working in collaboration with Edward Williams Architects, was appointed to design this groundbreaking project. The very tight urban site on Tottenham Court Road / Grafton Way is constrained by adjacent live hospital buildings, and is within the Bloomsbury Conservation Area.


The 34,500sqm building comprises 6 floors of clinical accommodation above ground, but extends a similar depth below ground in order to provide the necessary shielding to the Proton Gantries.

The project has been programmed to afford UCLH maximum flexibility in both the procurement and installation of the very large and highly specialised proton equipment, requiring innovative approaches to resolve challenges in both design and construction.

The scheme has also been pre-assessed as BREEAM excellent and is a Government Exemplar project for the use of BIM Level 2.


In addition to the Proton Beam Therapy unit, the building also houses a new short stay surgical centre providing 8 operating theatres, inpatient beds, full diagnostic imaging services and associated support facilities.

The Trust views the development as an urgent and vital milestone in the process of improving health care by relocating existing services to an integrated and centralised campus and introducing world leading proton beam therapy unit as a significant enhancement to therapeutic cancer treatment services throughout the UK.

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